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Caring for those who made a way for us...Because of them WE CAN!

Aging Beauties all over will live a socially engaged life that reduces negative outcomes such as loneliness, isolation and depression.

Senior Service Day

Senior Expo

Honoring our Elderly Population
September 12, 2018.

For volunteer opportunities please call 803.272.0584 or to attend the Senior and Caregiver Expo visit www.seniorcaregiverexpo.com  

Welcome to Caring for Aging Beauties

  In recognizing the importance of social interaction and companionship for our Aging Beauties, we created an agency that provides social engagement, volunteer opportunities and intergenerational programming for older adults. In doing so, we hope to enhance socialization, stimulate learning, increase emotional support and improve health. 

Our Vision

Aging Beauties all over will live a socially engaged life that reduces negative outcomes such as loneliness, isolation and depression.

Our Mission

To inspire and organize volunteers to provide ongoing companionship and social engagement to Aging Beauties.

Adult Care

What We Offer

Volunteer Coordination

Older adults get to be involved in the community as volunteers while other seniors who need volunteer services are linked with individuals (youth and young at heart) that help keep them actively involved where they reside. 

Intergenerational Programming

Youth and older adults interact with  each other and these programs are social vehicles that offer younger and older generations the opportunities to interact and become engaged in issues concerning our society. These programs purposefully bring together people of different generations in ongoing, mutually beneficial, planned activities.

Social Engagement

Volunteers provide seniors with a restored sense of dignity through personal attention and warm, caring approach allowing seniors to be involved in different activities. 

Kesha Hayes

Kesha L. Hayes

  Kesha L. Hayes is known as a leading expert in subject matter involving care of our Aging Beauties and a leader in professional development training for individuals that care for our Aging Population. She is the CEO and Owner of Professional Development and Training Services, LLC, a school that helps individuals develop skill sets both professional and technical to take care of our Aging Beauties.

She is an author of The Move, a book, from a series titled “Aging Beauties and Their Untold Stories.” She is the founder of Senior Service Day an event which received a Governor’s Proclamation for the entire state of SC to show tribute to our seniors through companionship and social engagement. She is a Nurse, Community Residential Care Facility Administrator, with a master's degree in Human Resources and Healthcare Administration and over fifteen years experience in healthcare.

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