Training Programs

2019 Class Dates:

Phlebotomy Class:

Class Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm
  • February 12-March 22
  • March 26-May 10
  • May 14-June 21
  • June 25-August 2
  • August 6-September 13
  • September 17-October 25
  • October 29-December 6
Phlebotomy Schedule: Evening
(will adjust schedule for Holidays)

Tuesday and Thursday,
6:00pm-10:00pm x 5 weeks = (40 Hours)

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
6:00pm-10:00pm x 1 week=(12 Hours)

Total Program=52 Hours

EKG Class:

Class Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • January 26-March 2
  • March 28-April 25
  • May 16-June 20
  • June 27-August 1
  • August 15-September 19
  • September 26-October 31
  • November 7-December 12
EKG Schedule: (will adjust schedule for Holidays)

Thursday, 9:00am-5:00pm x 6 weeks=(48 Hours)

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Phlebotomy/EKG Program Highlights:

Student Application Procedure:

***see admission requirements***

Course Objectives:

As the demand for phlebotomists and monitor technicians grow, PDTS will offer basic concepts of Phlebotomy and EKG. Phlebotomy concepts will range from human anatomy to phlebotomy clinical. Students will be taught how collection and preparation of the blood is done and the techniques to safely handle blood. Students will also learn all the medical tools that are involved with phlebotomy. Students will learn medical terminology, communication skills, lab safety procedures and experience time in an onsite clinical setting allowing them to have hands-on training taking blood draws under direct supervision.

Basic Arrhythmia and EKG will focus on Anatomy and Physiology, Cardiac Electrical System, Cardiac Monitoring and 12-Lead Basics and EKG changes. Lab simulation will be conducted to give students hands-on experience on an in-house simulator and EKG machine.

Upon meeting all requirements for graduation, students will receive a certificate and be able to apply for National Testing. A certificate of completion will not be granted unless fees are paid in its entirety.

Certificate of Completion will include name of student and that the student has successfully completed the specific training program. It will have the name of the program along with the completion hours.

Our Phlebotomy program consists of 52 hours including didactic and lab simulation. Our EKG program consists of 48 hours including classroom theory and lab simulation. These programs include comprehensive, fast-paced training in a classroom learning theory, lab simulation activities performed in our clinical area and hands-on clinical training on up to date equipment to enhance learning of skills. The following schedules are listed below:

Phlebotomy Schedule Evening (will adjust schedule for Holidays):

  • Class Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm
  • Classes held on Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00pm-10:00pm x 5 weeks = (40 Hours)
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6:00pm-10:00pm x 1 week =(12 Hours)
    Total Program=52 Hours

EKG Schedule:

  • Class Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Classes held Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm x 6 weeks=(48 Hours)

New classes will be posted on website and listed during time of registration. Interested candidates may call at any time for class dates. Class dates are subject to change and students will be notified via phone regarding changes. A minimum of 3 people per class is required for class to be offered.

Cost of Tuition/Fees:

Introduction to Phlebotomy- $850.00
Includes administrative fees/learning materials/classroom theory/lab simulation)

Basic Arrhythmia and EKG- $850.00
Includes administrative fees/learning materials/classroom theory/lab simulation)

This course will provide criteria needed to prepare for the National Test through American Allied Health. **National Certification information can be found at the following website:​ (National Testing Exam Fee is $105.00)

Learning Materials Used:
Phlebotomy Essentials 6th Edition-Ruth McCall and EKG Interpretation Made Easy-Eva Regan

Payment Options:

(does not include SLED background check, CPR and state/national exam fee) -late payments will result in a $35 additional fee. Credit Card and Debit Card payments will be charged a 2.75% fee.

Half & Half Plan:
This plan allows students to pay half tuition down at registration ($425.00) and pay the remaining balance ($425.00) by the third Monday of class.

Delay Your Pay Plan:
This plan allows students to have their name on our waiting list. The student can delay their class start date by paying $250.00 down and making 4 additional schedule payments of $150.00 until full tuition paid.

If student is currently employed by a Medicaid-certified nursing facility in South Carolina you are eligible for reimbursement of tuition after one (1) year of employment. A written offer of employment qualifies you for reimbursement.

Private funds from agencies are accepted. No financial aid is permitted. PDTS is currently supported by SC Works (WIOA funding) for those who meet WIOA qualifications, Wateree Community Actions, SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department, Palmetto Youth Connections, and DSS Pathways Scholarship Program. To find out eligibility requirements please visit their respective offices.

Refund Policy:

Full tuition refunds will be issued to students if a student withdraws in writing within 72 hours after signing the enrollment agreement. After the third day, but before classes begin, the school may retain $100. After classes begin, for the first 60 percent of the course, school may retain $100 plus a pro-rata tuition charge based on the last date attended, rounded downward to the nearest 10 percent of that period. Any time after this, a refund up to 60 percent on a prorated basis minus $100 application processing fee will be granted to the student. The school has up to 40 days to issue this refund to the student.

Payment plans will be divided according to previous payment plans listed above for the cost of the respective courses and same late fee applies as above. (Program Director will notify student of options at registration) No national exam fee included, CPR-$45.00 and SLED background-$25.00. Students will purchase their own uniforms to include black scrubs, shoes and a second-hand watch. Phlebotomy/EKG materials lost, stolen or damaged will consist of a replacement fee of $95.00 dollars.
(EKG Book $20/Phlebotomy Book $75)

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