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Our vision at PDTS, LLC is to develop exceptional caregivers that provide

excellent care to our Aging Beauties.

At Professional Development and Training Services, LLC, we all are committed to what we do because we want to solve the biggest problem today in our workforce. We are adding valuable people in the healthcare industry that make a difference. Everyone is proposing what the issues are for the healthcare sector but we are solving those issues. Our vision at PDTS, LLC is to develop exceptional caregivers that provide excellent care to our Aging Beauties.

Our Values

Professionalism - Everything we do over delivers and every customer is treated as VIP; our conduct and our whole being speaks excellence.

Drive - We will be excited and enthusiastic about our work and will apply high level performance to get it done.

Teamwork - We work together to help each person succeed because the group success promotes the success of the individual and our business.

Self-Awareness - We will keep conscious knowledge of our motives and desires and always be focused on keeping ourselves in the right mind frame so that we are attentive to what we bring to our customers.

Kesha L. Hayes, CEO/Founder

Kesha L. Hayes

Kesha L. Hayes is known as a transformational leader in healthcare, professional growth strategist, health and wellness consultant and a leading expert in aging. Her motto is “Building Futures, Connecting Generations.” She is the CEO and Owner of Professional Development and Training Services, LLC, a premiere Southeastern Institution that develops exceptional caregivers and the next level healthcare professional.

As the founder of the Aging Beauties experience, she started Caring for Aging Beauties (C.A.B.), a non-profit agency, which provides support to our aging population through companionship. She also owns Caring for Aging Beauties Home Care, LLC where she takes care of our elderly in their home. She emphasizes “caring for those that made a way for us” and giving back to those that “once cared for us.” She is also the founder of Rena Wellness, named after her maternal grandmother, where emphasis on self-care and lifestyle changes are promoted.

She’s an Amazon Best Selling Author with books titled Boldly Inspired, The Move, Keepsake Journal of Wisdom and soon to be released Under the Oak Tree: Wisdom from Aging Beauties. She is the creator of Senior Service Day: Honoring our Elderly Population, an event which received a Governor’s Proclamation for the entire state of SC, which shows tribute to our seniors through companionship and social engagement.

She is a Nurse, Community Residential Care Facility Administrator, with a master's degree in Human Resources and Healthcare Administration and over twenty plus years’ experience in healthcare. Her lifelong desire is to fight for those that can't speak up for themselves and who deserve the very best for all they do. Her efforts are to ensure the healthcare industry exceed customer standards, promote exceptional employee culture, and protect the best interests of our Aging Beauties.

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102 Standard Warehouse Road

Lugoff, SC 29078

123 E College St Bishopville, SC 29010

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